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    Date submitted
  • 18-Apr-2017

Foeva Properties (Pty) Ltd


Foeva Properties is a proprietary limited liability company set to pave ways in the real estate and property industry of South Africa as a developer for rental income & investment purposes. It was ideally found in 7 May 2015, with the aim of becoming an agency for capital gains, however due to proper and thorough research on the industry he then only set its sole mandate to commence as a developer and is a one hundred percent black owned property company which became registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission of South Africa in 2017. It comprises of 4 initial directors which are also incorporators of the entity appointed by the company itself upon registration, making the composition favorable for women participation as directors and minority founding members with up to 26% ownership in equity shares.

1.1 Our mission is to become a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) of a one hundred percent black owned property developer company, This mission is going to be realized through a set of our goals for expansion of the portfolio in industrial property ,office and retail property built with unique technology/material that is more environmental friendly , marketable and costs less as we are still to evaluate & find if this strategy could bring in value to the industry and can actually make us unique to the already existing competitors.

1.2 Our Goals are very optimistic and will add a great value into the whole mandate of the entity, our very starting point will be a residential property or retail property, but subject to thorough evaluation & risks assessments to its need , economic viability & sustainability. However we aimed that in at least 15 years from date of trading we will establish a holding company name reserved with the CIPC as “Primefour Holdings Limited” which will acquire Foeva Properties then invest in other industries such as financial, security & transport and get to list on the JSE so that our mandate of empowering black participation is fulfilled.

1.3 Our vision is non either than , promoting women participation in high ranking positions , so as they add more value in the success of the business and are recognized as capable , fit and ambitious. We also seek to see that the youth is empowered through employment and offering internships that are going to give them an insight of the industry, inspire them to start such business and break the monopoly that is existing.


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