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    Date submitted
  • 03-Dec-2017

Homedika Healthcare Is In Your Hand


Homedika is one of the leading health marketplace in Indonesia. It is a technology that connects health professionals and health facilities that provides a lot of health services to patients to be treated at home. This is a new initiatives developed by Indonesia Medika as a company concerning in inventing innovative health products and or services, aiming to make a meaningful impact on the Indonesian society by extending the medical treatment and patient care. We want to change the behavior, culture, and style of health professionals toward their patients to create a new ecosystem of healthcare services and incite them to work more on this essential. We aim thus Indonesian people to feel the difference of the ease, speed, and openness, value it, and make a greater use of our unique healthcare services in a country still on the road to development.


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Introduction Video

Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

Our market is very huge. We are targeting to all the citizen of Indonesia, estimated around 258 millions people, with 570 thousands of them are registered health professionals. Now, the medical partners is consisted of 137 doctor, 248 nurses, 68 nutritionist, 48 midwifes, 19 physiotherapist, 8 psychologist and 25 public health personel.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

Right now, we are in already exists through our website platform at www.homedika.com and Mobile Apps. Technically, either health professionals or patients, should register, log in, and get the confirmation. Once the account is verified they could start to use the service provided, choose based on their preference, and get the service at convenient place, which is at their home. With Homedika.com, it enables health workers to be sent directly to the patient‘s houses, and that combines many kind of health services. Several services provided by Homedika.com includes : (1) In-home healthcare services including medical prescriptions at home; (2) One free service for a person under privilege per 20 health services (owner of the « Surat Keterangan Miskin » certificate provided by the Indonesian Government); (3). Access to only qualified and registered health workers (4) Emergency appointment at homes available 24/7; (5) Capacity for the patients to choose their medical health worker, depending on their preference of gender, age, area of intervention, religion; (6) Blood sample at home and delivery to the laboratory by the health worker; and (7) Ambulance and drugs services.

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

As a platform which connects health professionals and community at home with a variety of health services and facilities, Homedika has committed to make the process easier and accessible on all the benefits it offers. Getting into the business where you perform as health professionals, you could gain the followings benefits: (1) Connect with patient and community (2) Increase level of productivity and usefulness (3) Increase sustenance and income (4) Serving patients (the user) who are able and unable to work (5) Choose the time of service (6) Determine tariffs independently (7) Providing service based on correct ability possessed Additionally, as the patients of Homedika (user), you may also take a lot of benefits such as: (1) Save time through immediate service (2) Improve the comfort and the ease of getting services (3) Medical personnel can choose as you want (4) Can find out more information medic (5) Can select the desired time (6) Save time through immediate service (7) Without queuing (8) Without transport (9) Improving recovery through convenience for home care (10) Reduce the risk of transmission in a clinic or hospital

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

We have two main activities to successing Homedika by Marketing and Maintaining activities. Marketing activities: 1. Boosting email. Providing information about update products and services for subscriber. 2. Posting promotion tools. Homedika is a healthcare innovation having prospective development adapting social circumstance. Moreover, we always inform customer about our new tools leading to make them familiar with the available homedika service. 3. Follow up by Wassap, SMS and calling. This activities consist of offering update products and services, answering question and giving suggestion for potential patients. 4. Grounded marketing. Visiting communities by health professional and facilitator to announce Homedika services spessifically. 5. Social media campaign. Encouraging engangement with netizen by various platform of social media such as Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Maintaining activities: 1. Verificating new member. Verificating new member registrating from website or direct approach. 2. Transaction guidance. Giving assistance for new member or customer in the process of transaction guidance. This service is aimed to assist pay mechanism easier. 3. Customer service. Providing a service for customer to deliver their critic, opinion and suggestion. 4. Gathering partnership. Making gathering our partnership such as medical personel, health entrepreneur or businessman to collaborate in our idea and innovation. 5. Collaborating potential stakeholders. Collaborating potential stakeholder with medical personnel association and healthy facility alliance.