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    Date submitted
  • 02-Feb-2016



Nosotros, pronounced noh·soh·trohs, means —we— in Spanish.


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Introduction Video

Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

Lakewood families. Some have argued that Lakewood is the densest city between Los Angeles and New York since multitudes are continuing to move here to reside. Fortunately too, our projected spot in near many businesses and schools, yet far away from any climbing gym competition.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

Nosotros solves family problems.

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

Firstly, our P.H.A.T. Products—a Popular wall, Helpful website, Astonishing food and Tuxedo merchandise, are essential. Popular Wall With easy to expert sections, our climbing wall will consist of intense holds, gaps and structures that can seldom be scaled on the first or even fifth try. Similar to the Tough Mudder’s philosophy, intensity creates popularity. Our Popular wall will create success because climbing holds people’s interests. Bouldering has gone from something done by a select few, to a movement done by tens of thousands. Additionally, it’s now on the short list of athletics being considered for the 2020 Olympics. Hence, if the world has recognized its credibility, climbing has a long future ahead. Helpful Website A strong online presence with free resources exhibits generosity and creates community. Our Helpful website will have videos, blogs and social networking intended to edify and create community around climbing. Louise Story of the NY times verifies that the internet has, and continues to, propel the growth of climbing. Astonishing Food Our menu includes two items that have fun, an ice cream sandwich inspired from Los Angeles and the pastellio, inspired from Lorain, Ohio. Items such as these are Astonishing because they’re atypical and well-liked because they’re tasty. Food fosters community and our cuisine will draw a crowd. Tuxedo Merchandise Like a Tuxedo, our merchandise will be quality and stylish. T-shirts today are supporting whole companies and Nosotros will have clothing as a source of revenue and marketing. Secondly, our features are all aimed to serve. Our Lecciones educate and build confidence. Our Descuento Days attract new customers. Our Party Wall Rentals offer the community a better alternative to an ordinary party hall. Thirdly, Nosotros’ monthly events will speak to our mission. Concerts, movies, Zumba classes, hoedowns, retreats, book clubs, community groups and climbing competitions exemplify our name by building community. Attributes such as these are scarce in conventional gyms and will contribute to Nosotros’ success. Perhaps more important than our P.H.A.T Products, features and events creating success, Nosotros is organized to maintain through a sustainable model. As the research indicates, this endeavor works best in a retail space near a college campus, in a popular part of town, by a good church, and a strong parachuch. Our projected site has all that; our second projected location does too. Our Executive Team is well connected and our business is economically viable. With a $105,745 annual sales projection, we’re set at having a $60,724 yearly surplus. The gym bears minimal overhead since we’ll be housed in an affordable storefront and it costs nothing to let guests climb. Following Dave Ramsey’s zero-based budget, we aim to sustainably plant one gym every two to three years for as long as God provides. Industry experts like Marlowe Kulley, would support our projection. She is the assistant editor of the Climbing Business Journal and tracks bouldering. She says that the growth of climbing gyms have moved from 4% in 2010 to 10% in 2013. Only one gym closed its doors in 2012, and only one in 2013. Kulley believes that gyms built in the years to come will experience similar growth. As gyms increase, climbers increase, and so will percentages. Thus, based on average gyms, the market is rising. How much more for a gym like Nosotros, which improves on average? Bottom line, evidence shows that Nosotros’ future is positive. And we haven’t reached such confidence hastily. For the past four years, we’ve sought wise counsel from 19 of the wisest professionals we know. From a University Faculty Advisor, to a Quality Assurance Manager, we’ve received constructive criticism and humbly made revisions. At this moment, we can boldly say that Nosotros is ready to takeoff.

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

Nosotros will execute through time-tested campaigns and a quality team. We’ll start with a marketing campaign. Six months before launch, we’ll advertise through ways that are low-cost and effective. Research shows that channels such as, TV, radio, newspaper, and trade shows are expensive and hit or miss. However, word of mouth, an online presence, printed media, networking, and event sponsorship exemplify good fiscal stewardship and have proven success. For our grand opening, we’ll productively launch the way Piada restaurant did. By advertising free monthly memberships to the first 75 guests and prizes for the rest in line, crowds will come. Then, during our first six months in business, we’ll implement a video clip campaign whereby guests will visit the gym and submit a short recording at our kiosk explaining why they want a free yearlong membership. To finish the year, we’ll hold a climbing competition with recognized judges. In the future, we’ll employ many other campaigns to maintain interest, create foot traffic, and generate buzz. In addition to campaigns, Nosotros’ team will be vital for execution. We’re projected to see approximately 41,253 guests in our first three years. To accommodate this magnitude, our team will possess quality characteristics. We’re called the F.A.T. Pack – Faithful, Available and Teachable. In regards to what gives Nosotros an advantage over other gyms, we’ve investigated the business and noticed a pattern. We gathered that climbing customers complain most about a gym’s food, music or staff. Nosotros has taken note. The secret to a successful gym is to treat it like a wedding. Therefore, we propose to have good food, good music, and good staff. While many existing gyms will offer boring granola bars, we’ll serve fun fare. While many gyms don’t even play music, we’ll project catchy music videos on our walls. While typical gyms fail at nurturing clients, we’ll exceedingly value our guests.