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    Date submitted
  • 29-Nov-2017



Avec Plaisir est la première plateforme communautaire pour trouver les bonnes adresses sans allergènes autour de soi. Tout en valorisant les professionnels qui s'engagent dans cette démarche.


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Introduction Video


Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

My customers are dietary restricted person and their families, that means allergic, intolerant or hypersensitive person, but people following a diet: diabetic, vegan, vegetarian... or people looking for a better wellness

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

Today, 17 millions of people are allergic in Europe. Tomorrow 1 person out of 2 will be allergic by 2030. For these persone and all whose dietary restriction, it's very difficult to go out with friends and find a place where they will all be able to eat and enjoy it. Because of allergy fear, people are often isolated. They don't go out anymore or are not able to share the social experience of a shared meal. Avec Plaisir is here to solve their problem by allowing them to find all info and places where they will be able to go safely.

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

Avec Plaisir is a communautary platform that provides a social, gourmet and safe experience to consumers. All our places are crowdsourced but verified by our team. We have different categories to hierarchize the ability of the professionals of hosting allergic or not people. It's better for them and the consumers to be honest on what they are capable to do. All infos on places is available to the consumers online, while preparing or being on the move.

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

We are pionneer on the market and our team is composed of personally concerned people by allergies and involved in the allergen free wolrd. We have a strong ecosystem of opinion leader, media and a large community of follower who supports our project.