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    Date submitted
  • 21-Nov-2016

Coding Autism


Coding Autism is a full-service professional coaching and training company that trains adults on the autism spectrum in professional skills such as software engineering/coding, quality assurance, web development, etc. as well as assists in finding and obtaining employment within the software and technology industries. Coding Autism does so by providing services such as coding programs/bootcamps, resume workshops, job application construction and revision, interview preparation, and coaching/mentorship that is specifically geared towards individuals on the autism spectrum.



Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

B2C Customers 1.) Parents of autistic individuals 2.) Autistic individuals B2B Customers 1.) Coding Bootcamps 2.) Non-profit organizations 3.) Companies 4.) Government Programs

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

Coding Autism solves three major problems. 1.) The Un/Underemployment of autistic adults: According to a 2013 report published in the journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, only 20% of autistic adults work for pay, the vast majority of them making only minimum wage and averaging at $8.10 per hour. A lot of this research attributes to the lack of educational resources provided to autistic adults once they complete high school as well as the "ageing out" effect that takes place when an autistic individual turns 21 and loses all federal funding through the IDEA act and other federal funding for individuals with disabilities. Without the proper guidance, mentoring, and educational resources geared specifically to individuals on the spectrum, history has shown and proven itself that autistic individuals struggle with the transition into adulthood and end up not reaching their highest potential. With a program like CA, we can reverse history and create a more progressive autistic adult population. 2.) Satisfying job vacancies from technology and software companies In the united states today, IT/Computer jobs are expected to increase by 22% by 2020. Additionally, there are over 500,000 vacant technology jobs currently available in the United States ranging in professions from software engineering, website development, app development, etc. Although there are a excessive amount of job vacancies and openings in the United States software and technology sectors, many Americans are either unfit for these positions, do not want to relocate to these positions, etc. These results inevitably result in many hiring companies carrying out (offshoring) their recruitment practices abroad to hire individuals from China, Japan, etc. to satisfy their job vacancies, which require not only a VISA, but it is also more expensive to carry this recruitment method forward. With a program like CA, we can train autistic adults (who back by research have proven to strive in technology and software positions) in skill sets that will make them attractive and qualified candidates for many of the vacant positions available in the software and technology industry today. 3.) Lack of educational programs available for autistic individuals after high school/become adults. Once autistic adults turn 22, they lose essential every governmental benefit from the IDEA act to everything else. This puts autistic adults in a position where unless they have supportive parents who help guide them in the right direction, they tend to stagnate. Also, the vast majority of educational programs from universities to career transitioning programs are not specifically designed to individuals on the autism spectrum, thus leaving them at a disadvantage. We want to solve these problems with Coding Autism.

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

1.) That there is research from reputable sources that states that the characteristics of individuals on the autism spectrum have a positive/identical correlation with the characteristics of the successful software and technology employee 2.) That the statistics in the amount of un/underemployed autistic individuals are there to satisfy the astronomical amount of job vacancies in entry-level and upper level technology and software positions available from software and technology companies in the United States 3.) That there is a rapidly growding number of autistic individuals in both the United States and the world (1-68 born today) 4.) We have an excellent and passionate team of co-founders and advisors that are willing to work day and night to make Coding Autism a success With the current problems in both the autism community, I am very confident that the above features will make Coding Autism a successful and thriving business with major social impact in the autism community.

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

What makes our team both unique and qualified to make this idea/product successful is that our team is either on the autism spectrum themselves or are closely affiliated to the autism spectrum through family members and close friends. By having such a close familiarity to autism, our venture naturally contains an advantage over other competitors already in the marketplace. Additionally, due to the close familiarity of autism, we are hungrier to discover new and innovative methodologies to create better and more advantageous opportunities for all members on the autism spectrum.