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    Date submitted
  • 27-Aug-2017

Living Dream


Why Living Dream

Nowadays, plenty of people is afraid to share or lack of support to follow their dreams/ passion. 99% of schools in Vietnam don’t teach the skills in finding dream careers and how to fulfill dreams. Therefore, many parents don’t understand their kids, teachers don’t know how to encourage students, recruiters don’t know how to recruit candidates with passion.

Up to now, social networks focus on entertainment, self-fulfilling, message delivering, job hunting, dating etc, but not on guiding and nurturing people’s purpose of life.

LivingDream believes that everyone should have a right to dream and act on it, and everyone also can encourage the others. With building a platform for dreams, it is hoped to clear out the barriers of discrimination, location, income level and create more opportunities for anybody to follow their dreams, regardless of who they are, where they come from.

Our mission 

Our mission is to help people – especially the young and disadvantaged – find and fulfill their dreams and purposes, build their better future.

What is Living Dream

Our activities consist of 3 components:

1. Livingdream.me: An online platform for people build and share their dreams (focusing on life career, education). By sharing their profile for dreams, like resumes, friends, recruiters, parents, or others can understand and support that dreams come true.

There are also tools to help users find their dream, people are encouraged to understand deeply their passion, look back their journey, make action plans, seek out similar dreams to form a group. By joining Living Dream community, people can support members’ dreams, learn from the others or find training materials, inspiring stories, get sympathy from others.

2. Open education to nurture dreams: We organize classes, training courses to help people skills in finding and nurturing dreams (focusing on learning and career dreams). There are 3 kinds of free classes: for youths, for kids and for volunteers who want to become mentors/ teachers to support dreams of disadvantaged people.

3. Charity activities: Support scholarships, sponsor gifts, books, guide and coach the volunteering organizations to help dreams of unfortunate children


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