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    Date submitted
  • 14-May-2017

Maori Designed Caskets


Over the past ten years Keith has been designing and carving Maori designed caskets for Western Caskets, Kumeu, Auckland. Western Caskets is one of the three largest casket manufacturers in New Zealand.

Every two weeks for the last five-years, Keith has been receiving two-to-four caskets to be carved. It takes approximately 2-4 hours to complete a Maori designed casket. This includes carving the lid, the two sides, and top and bottom of the casket. The design is carved with unique reference to Ranginui, Papatuanuku, and other Maori designs.

The caskets are then returned to Western Caskets before being distributed to various Funeral Parlor’s for sale.

The venture is to manufacture carved caskets. To have a joinery that makes, carves, paints and finishes the caskets for sale direct to public and businesses.

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