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    Date submitted
  • 24-Nov-2016

Moringa Wave


Moringa Wave is a social business that aims to spread 100% natural and bio products without forgetting the country of origin: Madagascar.

We develop products based on the moringa oleifera plant, which is used in developing countries to fight malnutrition due to its incredible properties. From the leaves we can create a great natural food supplement. From the seeds we can make a fine cosmetic oil, rich in antioxidants and vitamine.

We want to empower skill development and occupation, particularly in women and young people in the south of the Country, as well as raising economically independent farmers. Raw materials will only be purchased from local producers who respect the quality of the product and the work of people. Part of the production will always be used to fight and prevent children malnutrition. Furthermore, we want to protect the precious biodiversity of this country by the reforestation of dry areas.

To reach our goals we have chosen to work with Non-Governmental-Organizations and nonprofits experienced in local development projects.

Moringa Wave is a movement, an international group of young people carrying their values, swamping and crushing the reality of inequality of opportunities, willing to find the power to insist and to offer an alternative.

Follow our wave, we care!


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