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    Date submitted
  • 16-Nov-2017



NIREOS has developed an innovative technology in the field of optics and photonics, which uses light to analyse the properties of substances, with a remote and non-destructive method. In particular, our devices are capable of measuring ultra-broadband spectra (200-5000 nm) with exceptional sensitivity.

They allow for example:

• The spectral characterization of lasers sources, spanning from the UV to the Mid-Infrared (200 nm – 5000 nm) region, with a single, fast and radiometric calibrated measurement;

• the quantification of the ripening stage of the fruit;

• the discovery of the presence of pollutants in the environment;

• the selection of the best conformation of the active substance of a drug;

• the measurement of the structure of a protein synthesized in the laboratory.

The developed technology is applied to three patented, compact and high-tech devices that NIREOS intends to produce in-house by assembling components purchased from various suppliers on the market. NIREOS will sell their products in a direct way (also through a commercial partnership with external business agents) according to the addressed market segments. The main markets are (i) companies selling lasers and light sources, (ii) quality control, (iii) environmental safety and (iv) biochemical, biophysical and pharmaceutical research.

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