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    Date submitted
  • 29-Jul-2018

Blue Garden


We save guesswork and time for tourists wanting to explore nature and good food: Blue Garden is more than a meal in a pretty place. Our guests enjoy food, culture and beauty at in-depth levels, leaving with the umami of experiences, after satisfying their curiosity about the ocean, while having delicious sustainable NZ seafood with local wine and beers at the Goat Island Marine Discovery Centre. This model can be replicated in locations across NZ to enable unique farm to table experiences with local seasonal produce focussing on a marine flavour, serving both tourists and farmers. Later on, a native marine multi-cropping seastead (multi-trophic aquaculture) encompassing eco-dining, tourism, education and research can be assessed for feasibility. Blue Garden models can be expanded to developing countries to help generate local sea cropping economies with profit + equity + education for local communities.

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