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    Date submitted
  • 14-Sep-2018

RVK sveppir


Every week the cafes of Reykjavik disposes of roughly 1,5 tonnes of used coffee grounds. The coffee grounds are an excellent growing medium as it is still very nutritious. We want to build a startup that reuses all of this product and use it for growing oyster mushrooms in an urban garden.

This is the grand vision of Rvk Sveppir. As this requires a lot of paperwork to get a food production approval we want to test out our concept and build up knowledge about producing mushroom growing we want to first design a consumer product.

The objective with our product, is not only building a knowledge base, but also to connect people to the origins of their food. Growing food can of course be challenging, in particular in populated urban areas. But growing oyster mushrooms does not have to take a lot of space nor does it need a lot of sunlight. That makes it the perfect ingredient for our home growing kit. The kit would come equipped with easy to read instructions so that every member of the family could participate.

Our market would be families or individual of all ages that have an interest in growing their own food. Our belief is that this product would raise interest in the growing culture of organic living.

Further work and expansion of the concept can include, but is not limited to home composting, herbs and vegetables. The latter will require development of a simple light source in order to be a self containing kit. On the upper right side of the page is an initial rendering of our product. Under is a mushroom harvest pictured

Currently we are experimenting with growing the mushrooms in simple plastic buckets. This is going quite well. The big challenge in making this commercially viable is producing the spores of the mushroom, the so called mycelium, in a big an reliable quantity.

The team behind the idea.

David Erik Mollberg: newly graduated engineer student from Reykjavik University.

Malthe Gaarden: business student from Copenhagen Business School living in Iceland

Stein Olav Romslo: a science teacher studying icelandic as a second language at the University of Iceland.

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