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    Date submitted
  • 13-Nov-2017

Alcoford Corporation


ALCOFORD CORPORATION is a project in the agribusiness and biotechnology sector whose main activity is the production of ethanol from maize and corns grown on our land. This begins with the modernization of agriculture by adopting a programmable automatic irrigation system from a dashboard to ensure off-season crops to enhance yields with the use of organic fertilizers produced at lower cost following a precise technical cycle to the detriment of chemical fertilizer to fight against pollution.

The innovation of the factory consists essentially of installing an automated production line that produces ethyl alcohol for medical purposes; dissociate the ethanol that will be used in cosmetics according to the standards of others; to control and mitigate the corrosive effect of the quantity leaking to consumption, particularly in the production of traditional and adulterated alcoholic beverages which stealthily abound on the Togolese and West African markets exposing populations to acute health risks until then ignored; and extend biofuel production to support oil companies in combating the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere of the transport sector especially.


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Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

The market analysis makes us distinguish 03 major groups of outlets. Prescribers, distributors and consumers. 1 / PRESCIPTERS They are official wholesalers operating in wholesale pharmaceuticals and have built trust with their distributors. As the health sector is delicate, there is careful monitoring and care. We can cite: • SOTOMED • UBIPHARM • SOCOPHARM • UNIPHART • TOGOPHARMA 2 / DISTRIBUTORS Official distributors are generally pharmacies and official pharmaceutical depots. Unofficial distributors are entrepreneurs who have opened pharmaceutical depots and those who own exclusively alcohol barrel’s business centre. These are wholesalers. There are also dozens of street vendors who are retailers that are found everywhere in the neighborhoods and alleys of all Lome and some district of the whole country; There are unofficial distributors within hospitals and clinics. 3 / CONSUMERS These are direct consumers: • Hospitals • Clinics • Private medical practices • Cosmetics industries (Perfumes and paints ...) • Hairdressers in beauty salons • Households (domestic use and for the traditional production of perfumes, flavors, and other products ... • Stealth consumers (These are traditional beverage producers and adulterated modern drinks.)

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

This innovation solves several problems in different sectors: In Agriculture, we bring an efficient solution in the fight against pollution by the massive use of chemical fertilizers in favor of the use of organic fertilizer produced by our technical cycle. The yields will be considerable and supported by off-season crops with the modern automated irrigation system. The factory will also serve as an outlet for farmers and grain producers. On the market, we provide a solution on the difficulties related to the supply of ethyl alcohol, the seasonal rise in prices, adulterated quality that happens sometimes. Togo is still an importer of ethanol, operators will have to be able to source locally from our company. Health sector: The alcohol that comes onto the market is often denatured by isopropanol and methylene therefore exclusively intended for medical use, there are many operators who use it for the production of traditional and adulterated alcoholic beverages. The risk is great for oral consumers. Far from pursuing them judicially, which reinforces the stealthiness of this activity and aggravates the health risks, since the regal authority is absolutely not there, our project will have a raw alcohol production cell exempted from these chemicals distilled at a low rate for the production of these drinks while discouraging consumption. Biofuel sector: The extended production of bio fuel will help support oil companies to fight against climate change by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases in nature. Socio-economic sector: Contributes to improving the living conditions of the rural population who live for the most part in precariousness. Massive job creation. Abundance of nutritious high protein grains to feed livestock throughout the country.

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

We strongly believe our products will be a success in the sub-region for the following reasons: First, more than 80% of the ethyl alcohol stock used in TOGO is imported from abroad. Barrels of alcohol are everywhere in Lomé and outside contractors who have difficulties in obtaining supplies quickly because stocks arrive late. The prices of the barrel undergo an increasing increase because of the customs, transport and various taxes. There is still no raw alcohol on the market, exempt from chemicals such as isopropanol and methylene for traditional beverage producers. A majority of traditional beverage producers continue to use illegally pharmaceutical alcohol. The risk associated with the ingurgitation of the products containing isopropanol and methylene are great, we will conquer these markets by offering them our products which contribute to reduce the health risks related to denatured alcohol. Basically, we have the advantage that most of the product is imported from the outside. Periodic stock outs will now be covered by our products permanently available on the market. Clinics, hospitals and pharmacies are delivered by official wholesalers, who in turn source mainly from abroad. These wholesalers are large repositories of all the pharmaceutical products used on the territory. They are not structures intended exclusively to supply ethyl alcohol. We have more than 400 pharmacies in Togo dozens of hospitals, and hundreds of private medical centers that frequently use alcohol. These are a main outlet for the sale of our products.

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

The distribution of ethyl alcohol has been a family activity of the promoter for twenty years. We have an advantage of being in contact with many private wholesalers who import the barrels of alcohol in Togo. They will be essentially our future clients and business partners. For our project, we have three main departments. Agricultural Department, Production Plant Department and Administration Department. Although not all the staff have been brought together, we have an agronomist to coordinate the activities of the agriculture department with his team to guarantee the expected yields to feed the plant with the support of foreign engineers to specialized training. In addition, we have a factory production manager who is experienced in the operation of industrial machinery in the agri-food industry, in charge of coordinating activities and supporting the foreign engineers we request for the transfer of technology in the training of the rest of the personnel in order to operate the factory in the standards. The Administration team coordinates the management of the entire company in which is located A General Manager and his Assistant, Two Internal Controllers, an accounting and financial manager and his assistant, a cashier, a sales and marketing manager responsible for analyzing and gain market share with his team thanks to their mastery of the field and three drivers. The list is not exhaustive but we are a pivot for the realization of the project with the help of a project management firm.