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    Date submitted
  • 07-Feb-2018

Loved Cannabis Projects & Products


A desire to create a socially conscious, cannabis-infused skincare line developed a two-pronged approach. We’re interested in developing both a socially responsible organization and for-profit business. We hold dearly a commitment to restorative justice and education in the cannabis community from the Loved Cannabis Projects perspective while engaging in actively changing who dominates the cannabis market by spearheading Loved Cannabis Products. Projects and Products speak to a unity of themes of empowerment and restoration of the mind, body, and community. Loved Cannabis Products provides an alternative to western pain relievers. Our products use all natural ingredients, infused with cannabis, to provide high-quality pain relief for muscles and skin ailments. Athletes, dancers, people suffering from chronic pain illnesses, such as arthritis, will greatly benefit from our product. Our product is unique because our ingredients are locally sourced and the price of our product makes it very accessible. Loved Cannabis Products have a wide range of benefits from sunburn relief to arthritis alleviation. We plan to distribute our product to senior homes, sports teams, hospitals, medical and adult-use dispensaries. A portion of the proceeds of our product will go to sponsor Loved Cannabis Projects. These projects will create opportunities for previously incarcerated people to get their foot in the door in the legal cannabis industry. Loved Cannabis Projects will also inform people regarding the current cannabis market, up-to-date laws and regulations in the cannabis industry, cultivation methods, health benefits that can be obtained from cannabis-infused products, and business planning for cannabis based businesses. Through record changing clinics, seminars, workshops, and regular programming, we aspire to financially, intellectually and legally empower previously incarcerated persons in their pursuit to engage in business.

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