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    Date submitted
  • 19-May-2015

The Make-Scents Truck


The Make-Scents Truck idea is originated in order to respond to the current unemployment, underemployment and non-career-orientated employment issues faced by many highly educated young people, and many undesirable mild mental problems confronted by many hardworking middle classes from time to time. The Make-Scents Truck borrows from the operation model of the many agile and successful food trucks in Melbourne area, uses fragrant materials as the vessel, aims at creating job opportunities by bringing budding chemists/perfumers, social-conscious retailers and university laboratories, and highly competent graduates in various disciplines together, to form the collaborative core of this social venture. The physical product of the Make-Scents Truck is simple, which will be sample-size fine perfume, or experimental scent products. These will have an attractive, affordable low price, and economical, non-wasteful volume to the target consumers. In addition, such products promotes the ‘carpe diem’ philosophy and minimalistic approach to life’s luxury, which not only encourages people to slow down to appreciate the current moment away from the worries and stress they might be experiencing, but also makes luxury goods like perfume more accessible to those who cannot afford it at the moment, or those who has no need for a big bottle. Last but not least, the Make-Scents Truck will also create a scent hobby for some, and foster a sense of community among them.

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