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    Date submitted
  • 31-May-2015

Cafe Bar


Café Bar will be based in Melbourne’s North-Western suburb of Niddrie. Open till late every night, the café will target a large younger market around encompassing areas; mainly university students and other consumers aged 17-27.

The café will primarily offer high-quality fair-trade coffee, with snack-based and small-portion foods to compliment on offer as well.

The coffee will be the main source of revenue for the venture, and thus will be the chief product we promote to customers, offering not only your average cappuccino and chai latte, but a selection of ‘Coffee Concoctions’ as well. This is due to coffee demand being relatively constant and inelastic.

The atmosphere and vibe of the café will work in conjunction with our great coffee and competitively priced food to generate a large consumer base and reputation.

The opportunity exists due to the lack of available cafes offering successful products/service around the area past 5pm. A sample survey has shown large demand for better services in the area and later opening times. Poor ratings by Urbanspoon on most of the cafes around this area support consumer dissatisfaction. This supports our assumption that there is a strong desire for a modern late-night café, offering great service, food and coffee at affordable prices, with a tasteful and social atmosphere.

With a progressively growing demographic, established coffee culture as an indicator for steady consumer demand, and a healthy industry in a strong growth phase, we believe our café bar is a brilliant opportunity, due to a gap in the market in terms of catering to this geographic.

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