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    Date submitted
  • 25-Feb-2018

Rest Easy Vibrating Alarm Bracelets


Alarms have been very two dimensional in the approach where they only appeal to one sense - sound. However, after moving to college I realized that a good night sleep was much harder to achieve than expected. Students are constantly woken up throughout the night by roommates who come in and out of rooms, listen to music, talk to other individuals, and much more.

However, it is not just students who are unintentionally awakened throughout the night. Business women and men who have important work days ahead of them are constantly traveling and staying in hotels, where noise levels cannot be controlled from different hotel guests. Spouses have issues of being able to sleep through their partner's snoring and other noises where they are consistently being woken up throughout the night as well. Others may live in metropolitan areas where they are periodically brought out of their sleep from busy freeways or loud apartments. The scope of our market is transcended beyond just college students.

So what’s the solution to this ongoing dilemma? This is where the alarm bracelets from Rest Easy comes into play. Individuals can purchase earplugs from their local pharmacy or supermarket and use it in conjunction with our vibrating alarm bracelets. Users will then set the alarm time through our app where it is communicated to the bracelets memory via bluetooth. When the time comes, the bracelet(s) vibrates to wake the user up.

One concern going into this was product differentiation. Similar products already exist in the market such as the Apple Watch and the Fitbit. However, the cheapest Apple Watch runs for $349 USD while the cheapest Fitbit models such as the Alta and Charge go for $129 USD. In addition, these accessories offer other functionality purposes that generates them to be much more bulky. As a result some, if not most, users do not like to sleep with these products on as they are uncomfortable and often cut off blood circulation. The simplicity of the user interface along with the simplicity of the slim and thin design of the bracelet offer our consumers an optimal alternative. In addition, most users charge their Apple watches and Fitbits at night while they sleep so that they can use them throughout the day. Meanwhile, our Rest Easy alarm bracelets will be used throughout the night so that they can be charged throughout the day.

Next, is the new venture opportunities and partnerships. I would like to connect with the house alarm and other fire alarm companies. If a home alarm were to go off, it would be communicated to the phone, then to the bracelet, where it would vibrate and wake the individual(s) up. They are then notified on their phone as to why the bracelets are going off (home intrusion, etc.). In addition, a similar scenario would occur for the fire alarm.

As an additional accessory for purchase, there would be a button for people who have and/or take care of young children. If necessary, for whatever reason throughout the night, the child can push the button where the parent(s) or caregiver(s) are woken up with a similar alert screen on their phone to that of the house and fire alarm scenarios.

The last interest is the concern of consumer trends. Do they align with my product? Let us take college students as an example again. College students are getting less and less sleep on average. How is this measured? Through the competitiveness of getting into college itself. College is harder to get into than it was in the 60s and 70s. Simply put, life is accelerating more than some of us can handle. As we move towards globalization, competitiveness within markets is increasing more and more, where business men and women are being pushed harder than ever. People are now getting less sleep than they ever were before, meaning that the time that they do have to sleep needs to be focused on quality because they no longer have the option of quantifying the number of hours.

In conclusion, I am offering an affordable solution to an ongoing dilemma in today’s society. Not only will it improve productivity whether it be in school or the workplace, but it will also increase the health of our users as their quality of sleep increases. Simply put, everybody can rest a little easier now.

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