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    Date submitted
  • 12-Sep-2018

Nap Station


'Nap Station' came up when I was on vacation in Copenhagen this year. I walked around for 8 hours and felt so tired that I thought I would not be able to walk back again.

My idea is about having some 'shops' in the city center including beds and relaxing areas. The shops could be in the capitals of the countries or in famous cities. You pay per 20 minutes, because a nap lasts regularly 20 minutes. If you want to sleep for 1 hour you pay the price multiplied by 3.

You pay for using the bed and the area you are in.

The price shouldn't be that expensive because you basically pay to get some sleep. But on the other hand it should be high enough to cover all the costs, like preparig the beds, washing the bed lines, the staff etc.

The new generation is so under pressure in comparison to the earlier generations. We work and study as much as possible because the educational requirements upraised.

The society would be more effective if they would be relaxed after they had the possibility to take a nap when they felt like needing a short break.

I think this business field is quite new because the business world conditions really changed. We are overwhelmed by work and the burn out and gastritis (because of the stress) statistics are higher than ever before. Business people could nap between meetings.Tourists could sleep if they are tired and their hotel is too far away. A mother could sleep between coming home from work and carring home their children. Everyone who is stressed out could calm down and take a nap.

The development of the business world requirements is frightening and we have to do something against it.

I am a law student in my 4th year and I already worked at a law firm for 1 year. I got gastritis because I worked 40 hours during my full-time study. I wished I could take a nap when I wanted to. Maybe the possibility to take a nap would have prevented my gastritis I had to deal with for at least 4 months.

This is the business concept of 'nap station'.

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