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  • 02-Oct-2017



WATCH US: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCYG4ErV1gM

Are traditional forms of advertising no working for you? Are you only attracting fake interest from your ads posted on other online classifieds? If you’ve answered “Yes” to either one of those questions, we invite you to participate in a cutting-edge type of advertising that is taking America by storm.

Video advertising is a fun and safe new way of connecting your products and services with potential buyers. Buyers are presented with your product in real time, taking away the common doubts of whether or not the posting is real. One major complaint among many classified ad buyers was the prevalence of fake ads.

With DigMonsters every ad is real, placed by real users who are here to utilize our service and make sales.

Live selling is a new concept, but many are quickly catching on. Employers, real estate agents, auto dealers, and travel consultants are benefiting from this lucrative service.

With our live selling feature, sellers have the ability to “go live” with their products/services and sell to potential customers in a fun and interactive way. Potential customers are able to see what you have in a certain limited time while you are live; this increases the excitement about what you have to offer.

We offer this higher quality experience for all those wanting to take advantage of it. Industries currently benefiting from our service are:

Job Openings/Video Resumes Feature – Our Jobs Feature has changed the employment market trend by offering Video Resumes. These video resumes will put the prospective employee right in front of the employer immediately, allowing them an opportunity to show their best side while highlighting their positive qualities without worrying about being nervous. Companies post ads describing their job opening, and in response, job searchers submit their video resumes.

Employers like this, because they have an opportunity to pre-evaluate the applicant based on how they represent themselves. This is a good way to sort through applicants to see who is better for the job opening and their company.

Real estate – Agents and sellers post their attractive video ads for a quicker sale. Potential buyers see exactly what they will be getting before making the appointment to view the property.

Car traders and salesman – Placing their autos in front of potential buyers. This gives them the opportunity to showcase their best cars and deals.

Tutors – Virtual tutors place their ads to attract potential students.

Travel & Tourism – What better way to show vacationers what you have to offer than to give them a full tour before they purchase?

And many more. As you can see, the benefits are unending. Signing up is easy and it is also free.

Visit us today at www.digmonsters.com.

WATCH US: https://vimeo.com/233128528


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