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    Date submitted
  • 30-Sep-2017



Business description

Ogachop is a company that integrates commercial services and that of food provision services. It was established and incorporated with the sole aim of providing for university students access to adequate food supply with the aid of a mobile web that incorporates e-savings and connection to food donors.

For centuries now, millions of African university students continue to face severe hunger as a result of their inability to effectively manage available stipend. But do they really need to bear such pains of starvation? For others, the challenge is not in managing the available stipend. Not at all! Some of these students are so poverty strickened that they can't adequately cater for their basic student needs(accommodation, tuition) not to talk of having a three square meal-what a pity.

In as much as these poor students don't want to live on with hungry bellies, we also, don't want to even hear the thought of it and that's why we created a mobile website for e-savings and free access to donors. Students would do themselves a lot of good if they could just find a way of cutting down unnecessary expenses thereby optimizing their available stipend to cater for their hungry bellies throughout the school duration; this is actually where our mobile website comes to play-converting students unnecessary expenses into potential funds in securing adequate food supply. With our systematic and regulated savings approach, students can now maximize their allowances to meet adequate food supply.

With our mobile website, there is opportunity for every single university student to escape the strong hold of starvation as even those living on the extreme poverty line do not just get free access to food donors but also get these food items transported to their doorstep using our online delivery process.

We focus on the healthy living and food sustainability of students as these students may be just 20% of our population but they are 100% our future.

Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

Market segment 1.Students(Master and undergraduates) as they would definitely need adequate source of food supply for sustainability even as they study in school. 2.The working class group(indigenes and locals) around the university area as they can also use our mobile web to save up for adequate food supply. These food items can easily be delivered to them since they are within residential circle of our target market-students; based in in-school and off-campus hostels (situated around the university location) 3.Lecturers, university staffs also form part of our market segment as they can also use our web to acquire cheap and adequate food items compared to the exorbitant prices given in retail shops around them. Delivery process is also made easy as they are within the reach of our target market-students. Initial target segment Our initial market segment are university students Based on research, 90% of students of a typical African university continue to live on with severe hunger in their different universities while away from home. So, we can see that the problem of food security is associated with a larger percentage of the university's population. More than 75% of these hunger stricken students continue to starve as a result of their inability to effectively manage their resources while the remaining 25% are just so unfortunate, having no reliable resources (stipend) to meet their unending demand for adequate food supply throughout the semester. UN magazine has it that Africa has the youngest population in the whole world with more than 200 million people aged between 15 and 24 years (of which 60% are university students). Let me now shock you. In Africa alone, there are over 3000 universities with an average of 38,500 students in these universities. Doing the mathematics, we can both see that the total number of university students in Africa is over 120 million; just imagine, 120 million students under the infliction of unbearable pains of starvation Unfortunately, this number will continue to increase as the population growth rate of Africa abruptly continue to increase. Now that our eyes have been opened to see the hardships that students face while in school, its high time we brought a workable solution to end this race of hunger stricken students. It's a good thing that we at ogachop have taken a bold step(with the envisaged help of world food programme) to meet the demand of this large market. Its indeed a very large market. As a matter of fact, millions and millions of students consume nothing less than fifty million tonnes of food per year. The large appetite nature of young ones contributes greatly to this high rate of food consumption and this demand will continue to increase even as the population growth rate of young Africans increases. So, you would agree with me that the best time to get this game changing venture into this extensive and ever craving market is no other time but now.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

Problem definition For centuries now, millions of African university students continue to face severe hunger while away from home in their different universities. For every academic semester (about 18 weeks), African parents provide their children (university students) with stipend to cater for their student needs and to ensure their sustainability during that 18 weeks of stay in school. However, given stipend do not always see to their sustainability of our dear students as per adequate food supply. Its not that the given stipend in itself is insufficient for adequate food supply. No! Extravagant and unbudgeted expenses largely cuts into this stipend thereby making it insufficient and unreliable to meet students demand for adequate food supply throughout the semester. But, as you know, 'man must eat'. So at the end of the day, we are left with a scene whereby for every first few weeks of the semester, fresh available stipend would put food on the table but as more weeks pass by, this stipend drains. And then, starvation hits hard on the students. But the truth be told, while many students experience severe hunger as a result of their inability to effectively manage available allowance. For others, starvation remains inevitable as a result of the extreme poverty they continue to face. A significant percent of student do not have financial stable parents that can effortlessly meet basic student needs(accommodation, tuition) not to talk of feeding. As a result of having limited resources, these students invariably become vulnerable to food insecurity, not having an adequate food source and healthy influences on their daily lives. UN magazine has it that Africa has the youngest population in the whole world with more than 200 million people aged between 15 and 24 years (of which 60% are university students). Examining these pitiful statistics, you would agree with me that there is indeed a dire need for us to help our dear students escape the impact of food insecurity, to enjoy a convenient student living. Do you know that most African university students, if not all, end up consuming cassava flakes(popularly called garri-a commonly cheap food with no nutritional content) for months after they must have wasted their stipend on unnecessary expenses. It has got to the extent that some students finally resort to begging food items from neighbours around after so many hard times of severe hunger. So, let us not continue to watch our dear students best pains of starvation as these students may be just 20% of our population but they are 100% our future.

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

Scalability based on; Market potential Instead of launching on a national scale, Ogachop would be developed institutionally and our mobile web would be structured into Miniaturized websites across African universities. This market strategy of integrating these miniaturized websites into university systems but one university after the other would enable us to scale rapidly as we now have the opportunity to replicate customer behavior/values learned in one university into other universities. Expansion potential One thing that gives me great joy is the scalability of our company, Ogachop. It adopts a model which I would call 'one time product, lifetime users'. Its an established fact that software products is a perfect example of scalable businesses. Talk more of websites-like Ogachop, which unlike software products doesn't need cloning to accommodate customers influx. The fact that Ogachop.com is a one-time product(doesn't need continuous manufacturing) capable of accommodating billions of users is indeed amazing. Revenue potential Permit me to say this great venture also adopts a 'one-time product, lifetime profits'. Once we completely seal up our development costs, what awaits us next is a warm hug of abnormal profits. We can continue to direct our services, accommodating billions of users for almost no incremental costs with innumerable profits constantly rolling out via our surprisingly large revenue streams(re-sales, Ads, delivery/transport fees, Google AdSense, subscription fees, premium fees etc). With this abnormal revenue model, we are rest assured of sufficient resources not to only keep our company afloat but to also support millions and millions of the less privileged ones that fill up our society. Not labour intensive Unlike manufacturing/consulting services, Ogachop is not staff intensive as we offer our services using our website. Consequently, costs that would have been channeled into salaries is used for further expansion. strong team filled with innovative and creative minds. Each team member has more than enough to bring to the table since each and everyone of us has a well built background in different specializations ranging from brand experts, lead marketer, tech guru etc. You would agree with me that with this kind of team, peak success awaits us.

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

Measures to attain success 1.Untapped market This business creatively explores into an enormously large, untouched and untapped market, that is, food security for students. Unlike other charity organizations that direct their food resources to the few selected destitutes within their reach, ogachops cater for the need of millions and millions of students spread the across the various African universities. Consequently, this project would have its coverage in all African institutions(universities and polytechnics) and even beyond but one institution after the other. 2.leveraging ICT We direct our services to our customers through a mobile website which is easily accessible from students number one social and user friendly device(phones). Our mobile web also enable students inured to the technological age that we are in, as the services of our platform are Internet based and constitutes phone/computer usage. So, with our mobile web, millions and millions of students spread across Africa can now live a life of food security 3.Escrow system instead of having direct link to donors, users would present their requests for food items/donations to these donors but with our company-Ogachops as a middle man Importance of escrow system Adopting the escrow system would enable us prioritize and determine poor students with the most pressing need for these food items(based on the cogency of application details provided) The escrow system also helps to eliminate issues(unneccasry/exaggerated food requests, communication barriers, bridge of protocol etc) that might arise during the course of food requests as all food appeal processes would now be regulated by our company. 4.Gamification Our webiste adopts a very user friendly, social interactive and gamification approach of directing its services. We give active users free gifts, prizes and even scholarships. Users have profiles whereby criterion(like quantity of acquired food items, consistent or regular e-savings, completed sales/purchase, number of clicks etc) would be used to determine activeness level. This innovative intervention would go a long way to keep our users happy and more importantly, propel them to always and constantly patronize us since they also have interest in the prizes and free gifts that we offer. Team Elekwachi splendour:Business development and brand Gives analysis and info on critical areas that contribute to rapid business development and brand power Oluwa sogo:IT consultant and entrepreneur Experienced computer personnel. With Mr sogo, we are rest assured of finding better ways to improve our internet of things, computer user interface thereby giving users the greatest satisfaction they could ever get from using our web Simpa francis: lead marketer and promoter A onetime head of department, publicity. Customers will surely patronize us as she is 100% capable when it comes to sales/marketing