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    Date submitted
  • 14-Jul-2015

7 Senses Labs - Solbit Family Robot


7 Senses Labs brings to market, Solbit, the Personal Family Robotic Companion, at the core of its education ecosystem.

The education ecosystem includes Solbit, the smart interactive robot companion, content developed in cooperation with partners (for kids in area of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) [Similar to the iPad and its iTunes store], and an evaluation dashboard for teachers and parents. Parents and Teachers want to only purchase educational content for their children they can see value in beyond just a game. They want to see them gain an understanding from what they learn and also want to see continuous performance improvement through actual understanding.

To instill understanding of what they are learning beyond just memorizing, my team and I, which include a growing team of experts from MIT, Tsinghua, and IIT are developing a smart robot (IoT) that connects to the cloud, develops a vocabulary over time, provides a personalized experience to each person it interacts with, and is able to have an interactive personal experience that adapts to the child over time with artificial intelligence and computer vision at a price point never seen before.

Change in education does not happen immediately no matter what people say. But, it requires a shift in the approach and adopting technologies we have access to and putting together a smarter solution to create motivation and inspiration so children can realize their potential. Just like the computer and mobile phone became pervasive each home, we believe Robot companions will as well.

Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

Our customers are Parents and Teachers and our users are currently ages 4-7 years old children in China and the US markets. Our first role out strategy will be online (B2C). For China, we have established traction with our first launch partner, JD.com, which is the largest direct sales channel and largest Internet ecommerce company in China with a specific focus on Smart Hardware. JD.com has approximately 100Million active buyers of which 87% are between ages 26 – 35 years old, our “target market” for buyers buying for their children and their home. We also have extensive relationship with Intel that services over 60,000 teachers in China looking for innovative solutions for the home and classroom.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

a. Parents don’t have time too much time to be with their children. They often don’t know how their children are performing till it’s too late in the term of the current semester. b. Children spend too much time with the screen c. Children don’t really understand the knowledge they are being taught in school or via their peers and often don’t know how to apply it in their real life d. Children often are not independent self-starters and may lack self-confidence e. Serving the personal robotics gap in the home that previously has been cost prohibitive for the average family looking for an intelligent smart companion for their home

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

We have been developing a comprehensive education solution with partners, which include our A7 Smart Robot at the core along with our own A7 smart game as well as games from partners (leveraging our open API) and a teacher/parent dashboard that measures and evaluates their children according to national standards. Our A7 games are based on the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) framework, which interacts with the A7 smart robot to complete tasks, challenge children on learning, and is a guide and companion in the home to teach them how to be a good person and be a personal helper. It not only reduces the child’s screen time but also increases the ability for the child to critically think and promotes a steady increase in activity. A7 smart robot plays a companion role that adapts to each child individually starting with the child from the early morning into the evening by reading stories and playing music to allow the child to have a relaxing transition to sleep. It communicates with the child and helps the child apply knowledge from real life experiences. The dashboard collects and presents the data from the child’s activities to help the parents and teachers understand how the child is performing. Compared to robots on the market, our robot has a lower price point with a complete selection of add-ons including a cloud service for storing images and videos taken with the robot’s camera and optimizes the robots performance via the cloud in effect reducing the performance requirements on the robot itself thus keeping the cost affordable for most families, and our focus is truly on adapting to each child to help them achieve their potential so growing with them as they grow. We also have a growing number of content partners from the US and China that will allow us to offer a good selection of education content from the day we launch late this year.

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

Our A7 smart game amongst our partner’s games will offer a free preview release and an in-purchase pricing model for additional levels. The modular arms with integrated sensors and associated app(s) will be available for a nominal cost and can easily be added to the extensions for the robot via integrated magnets. A7 robot also will offer API(s) to allow 3rd party game and other content partners (e.g., electronic storybooks) connect to it in exchange for a revenue share (similar to Apple iTunes model). In addition, there will be numerous future merchandising options. Core Team --> Gavenraj Sodhi, CEO: • Graduated from Illinois Institute Of Technology, MBA from University of Phoenix, studied in Tianjin’s Nankai University • Many years in leadership with strong product management experience in global companies including IBM, CA, Oracle, etc. • Built a Financial system for banks • Has a keen insight of Identity management and data security • Many years experience of product management: development, operations, marketing, sales • Built a development team in Shanghai to develop a Chinese learning App • 2000 first start-up, a search engine company (Goto.com), got acquired (Infoseek) and went public, later becoming part of Yahoo • 2008 second start-up, network advertising company, failed • 2013 third start-up, education company, currently running Rodny Mella, CDO: Role: IoT Hardware Concept and Industrial Designer, Child Education Hardware Development Guru Experience: With over 19 years of industrial and graphic design experience and working for companies like Disney and Apple, Rodny has been developing innovative solutions, from robots, education hardware/solutions and even F1 racing cars. Rodny specializes in user experience and product design that involves people, animals, vehicles, environments and those with human factors like product design and market analysis. Rodny has full life-cycle development experience from concept inception to finished design to packaging. Dr. Cory Kidd, Director of Robotics Role: Robotics Expert who will bridge his experience in robot and algorithm development to create and inspire a socially active and educational robot Experience: With a Ph.D. from MIT Media Lab in human-robot interaction and robotic development expertise, his experience is propelling us into developing an intelligent hardware and software platform, which will use a combination of psychology and artificial intelligence to engage users through interactive conversations that happen through mobile and social robot interfaces with a blend of education and curriculum. John Sokol, Engineering Manager Role: Robotics and Video/Audio Streaming who will bridge his experience social robots that can communicate between robot and human and robot to robot with clarity Experience: Over 25 years technology development experience, including video streaming, content distribution networks, robots, digital video applications, and contributor to the BSD Linux initial core. Expert in C, C++ Unix, Linux, Kernel, Device drivers, TCP/IP and Networking protocols, Routing. Video and Video Compression, Photography and Lighting. Optics, and many things scientific. Bater Makhabel, Data Scientist Machine Learning Role: Machine Learning Expert who will leverage his big data experience for robot and algorithm development to create and inspire an engaging educational robot Experience: With a Masters and Bachelors Degree from Tsinghua University in Computer Science, his experience enables our solutions to be inherently intelligent and interactive, while being big data friendly so that we can provide the a solution that personalizes the learning and understanding process. He enjoys developing using various languages and aspires to make a difference in kids’ lives by improving learning through innovative techniques using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Mia Peng, Operations Lead Role: A7 project planning, execution, and follow up Experience: Many years of digital marketing experience, managed many global accounts including: REA, CGU, Devry, Global Blue, Parkson. Strong at Marketing, Planning, Strategy, Execution and Management. Highlighting a specific Investor that runs Intel’s K-12 Education division and previously was in charge of Apple’s K-12 Education division: Leo Chan (China), Education Industry Veteran, BDM Head, K-12 Education for Intel and previously Head of China for Apple K-12 Market Role: Advises 7 Senses Labs on aligning our hardware and software integrated solutions for the education sector. Leo has identified access to channels of teams that promote education solutions to direct client channels as well technical teams with well-defined sourcing channels and technical support.