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    Date submitted
  • 16-Oct-2017

Cyber Tactical- a Sustainable E Net


Industry and Product/Service

To Start an Innovative forum/platform/company name CYBER TACTICALS / X-BRAINS GLOBAL www.cybertacticals.com which will be one of the world’s most advance Crowd Sourcing platform which will lead Global into further innovative applications in many related industries for its Growth, Educating GLOBAL youth by active participation in Crowd Source Challenges and keeping the pace of progress in a Multi-Dimensional Crowd Sourcing system.

Crowd Sourcing Company in Global:-

To start a Crowd Sourcing Company in Global is Ideal & futuristic because the future of many industries relies on Crowd Sourcing. My Idea is to Start a Company let it be named CYBER TACTICALS / X-BRAINS GLOBAL which will collect Challenges from various industries and will Crowd source these challenges on its Website , Mobile APP & its Marketing platform & thousands of Public will participate in a particular Competition where they will provide ONLINE Solution to a Specific Problem raised in a Specific Challenge. The Best of the Best Solution will win an Incentive PRIZE. This Way we bring the large number of People on board to collaborate, Make Teams, Participate in Discussions & Forums & submit their Ideas, Solutions & Designs etc. a Judging panel Decides about the Winner Solution. So the Industry who have sponsored the Challenge get their Solution from the Masses through Crowd Sourcing while on the other hand a large number of public are engaged without paying them which makes Marketing of the Company (CYBER TACTICALS / X-BRAINS GLOBAL) as well as the Sponsored Challenge.

Why Crowd Sourcing?

The Most Advanced Countries, Organizations & Companies are looking for Innovative Concepts & Ideas & thousands of people are Brainstorming for a best solution to a particular, Problem.

And the Best Solution WINS!

On the other hand The big Industries, Public & Private Sectors & Non-Government Organizations needs Solutions to their problems (the problems & challenges that this planet is facing), to Solve these issues, either they have to recruit a large amount of brilliant people who could think about innovative Solutions (while the success ratio remains Narrow and recruiting staff is too much expensive) or these companies & institutions Crowd Source their Problems among the masses for an Incentive Reward. The amazing feature of Crowd Sourcing is that you never pay for a Failure! Once you find a solution to your problem you pay.

Another amazing aspect of Crowd Sourcing is the Competitive environment which may be consider as playground for Innovators. This make the business a Fun to participate & is ideal for students because they participate to find solution to real world problem. The Universities & Colleges are the Ideal to offer participation in these Crowd Sourcing Challenges to their students.

Shaping the future……The future is ours!

It is absolutely true that Crowd Sourcing is shaping the Future of this planet. Crowd sourcing is Facilitating to the solutions of the World’s most emergent problems. CYBER TACTICALS / X-BRAINS Global, however is Innovative platform for Innovations. It is a Model for Massive Crowd contribution to solve a similar and mutual problem. It is the Futuristic platform of future innovations. It is Ideal for idealistic projects.

Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

Global Impact of CYBER TACTICALS / X-BRAINS Global Crowd Souring is everywhere People are working from remote locations on international and global issues with mutual interest and with common will and desire to be part of this change they are bringing forth. In simple way an innovator in Europe is designing a project to educate the Children In east Africa, while another one Scientist in Asia find techniques to Combat Mosquito Carrier Disease like Zika , Dengue Ebola & SARS. Some of the community join hands to eradicate Poverty & Maternal Deaths in Africa while the others Design Cubes Satellites to Launch into our Earth Orbit. Innovators are trying to produce a Sweet Compound, alternative to Sugar while others try to help women in a hostage Emergency Situations. So We all part of CYBER TACTICALS / X-BRAINS Global are one family with one Mission to help life better on this planet, to provide clean and hygiene water, To provide Green Energy, to facilitate health sector, to accommodate alternative source of Energy for preventing pollution. To eradicate the use of Plastic Waste. To eradicate Mosquitos & Water bound disease, to facilitate Digital & Social Communication, Education, Irrigation, Agriculture, horticulture and innovate the current state of technology. And Crowd Sourcing is not limited to….. It is an Endless and countless list of opportunities for all of us to think and shape our future and to combat the problems that we are facing now. Crowd sourcing is not limited to a particular Area, Country or Continent, It is a Global mechanism and we can also use Crowd Sourcing for Problems that are arising to a specific area only. For example In Pakistan I would like to use this medium for “Crowd Sourcing the War on Terror”. And will seek help in designing a system for the participation of general public, communication of intelligence among the Armed Forces and defense Services for implementing a system of surveillance from terrorist Attacks on public places. Similarly we can Crowd Source the issues that are originated from the recent Arab Countries Conflicts and we can make Global , IDEAL , SAFE to live , SAFE to invest , SUSTAINABLE & one of the best place on earth. In my point of view GLOBAL is likely to adopt policies that will make Difference in Future. The very first one is the Country is trying to find alternate forms of Energy. The Country is also seeking Futuristic application that will lead them to a sustainable economy. While on the other hand keeping in view the Geo Political situation GLOBAL is facing challenges arise by the recent Economic Chang. To sustain a Peaceful environment and to adopt an Ideal Economy alternatives, Global will lead its way to attract more & more investment in future. Below are some the applications that CYBER TACTICALS / X-BRAINS Global can Sponsor. A. GLOBAL CUBESAT SPACE CHALLENGE 2017. In 2030 Space is likely to be a more crowded space, populated with diverse vehicles while at the same time scientists Predicts that human will be capable of Transporting Space vehicles in Low Earth Orbit. It means that Space Tourism will be started in the next few decades. Bothe Miniature Space Satellites and Low Orbit Vehicles will emerge Space related industries. Space Cargo will be definitely one of them. Space Emergency Response Ambulance and Space Cargo are one of the futuristic Innovations of Space. GLOBAL is likely to be part of it. GLOBAL has its own image on this earth & definitely GLOBAL will be one pioneering Space Cargo. My Idea (Though it can be manage as an extra “STARTUP COMPANY” and can be sponsored on the CYBER TACTICALS / X-BRAINS GLOBAL plat form as a challenge) is to Design A NANO / MINIATURE/ CUBE SATELITE PROJECT FOR THE STUDENTS OF COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES IN PURTUGAL. THE ENGAGEMENT OF STUDENTS IN SPACE CUBE SAT WILL BE UNIQUE OF ITS KIND. STUDENTS WILL WORK ON A REAL SATELITE. IT WILL ATTRACT SPONSOR (60,000$ INVESTMENT CAN BRING A DIYS SATELITE INTO EARTH ORBIT IN 26 MONTHS) whom names and Logos will be sent to SPACE. This Space Program can also bring thousands of Students on board to be part of a Portuguese National challenge and there activities will make a sense. Event Managements, Educational Seminars, Interviews & making of Teams to participate is fun education & economic activity. B. Clean & Abundant Energy Converting Global to Green Applications. The vision behind this challenge is that In 2030 each & every Vehicle in Global will be operated on a Solar Cell or alternative Clean, Green & abundant energy. This project is again can be consider a separate Startup but the same can be funded through Crowd fund & can be sourced using CYBER TACTICALS / X-BRAINS GLOBAL platform. Which means that My Idea of Crowd Sourcing is the Mother of innovations that will bring many other Start-ups resulting a very significant change to the Life style of the People in GLOBAL. We need to find alternate Clean & abundant energy and a National System of acquiring these types of energies in our Industrial sectors as well as in our transport. Beside the above National type of Competition, CYBER TACTICALS / X-BRAINS will host number of Problem Solving Competitions like below:- C. Making water from thin Air. D. Harvesting crops in rational environment. E. Green & sustainable houses, Residences, Hotels & Offices. F. Find Solution to Desert Farming. G. Many other Innovative ideas that will come from the Challenge. H. Solutions to problems in Software industry like Data Science, Data Management, Building APPS, Website Design, Mobile Connectivity & many others that are currently unsolvable. (This data is extracted from Search Engine stating the Current Problems that are yet available for Innovators to solve. I. Solutions related to Agriculture Industry includes (Harvesting crops, Hybrid Generations, Solution to Water management etc. J. Solutions to problems related to Tourism i.e Jamica is seeking Innovation in improving its Tourism. K. Self-Replicating Robots. L. Idealistic Problems.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

CYBER TACTICALS / X-BRAINS is a combination of Mobile Apps & a Website Portal System dedicated to engage the crowd into a beneficiaries of a growing economy as well as a sustainable futuristic programs that will lead the country towards progress. Its aim is to :- 1. Enable the Mass Un employed to work as innovators for solving problems to major Industries, Private organizations and Government sectors for an incentive prize. Crowd sourcing is the Futuristic Shape of Future Industries evolutions. For Detail in Crowd Source activities please pursue the details. In B.1 below 2. To design a Platform for MICRO JOBS, as well as (the First ever of its kind) Skill Auction system where the Job Seekers and skilled Portuguese comes uploads their Skills, Write Articles, Books, Design Websites, Software, APPS, Games & other services for which an online auction is carried out by the Industries, Companies & organizations who rely on Online services for their small & medium scale business. 3. Social Engagement of the Community that is on board is the most important factor to growth. Social engagement may vary to the desires & requirements of the Innovators (Innovators are people who comes register for Solution to a particular problem/challenge.) To make a very positive impact for sustainable Economy Cyber Crimes Alert System will be a value added services for the Portuguese business community. We will also extend this section to bring on board the Insurance Companies to introduce the first of its kind E Data Insurance which includes the Insurance of Electronic Intellectual Properties of the Organizations. In future we will also introduce our own Crypto Currency which is a wide financial market as well as a service for online deals. 4. Community Participation in a Seminar, Symposium, Competition Management and many other Brands the Shape of a Particular Business.

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

To Design a handy application by which user can register and work for small jobs like Face book Post sharing , Google Ads , Writing a Script , Designing a banner etc. Micro Jobs are not limited to Business Sectors, individuals seek helps by filling their TAX Forms, and They also seek help in gardening, Looking for their Pets and many other form of employment. Micro-jobs are the third form of employment. To bring innovation to Micro Job industry a novel approach is required. My experience shows that Prompt transfer of Money, empowerment of Escrow System & Auctioning Skills can be what will hit the future market in Micro-Jobs. Auctioning not only avails the opportunity to the job seeker but a prompt PAY&GO System for the Service seeker. On the other hand it widens the opportunity level of Selling Skills. And skills are not limited to. In short: - Micro Jobs is the third form of employment. Bringing Crypto Currency, Fast Transaction and Escrow Confidence can make a difference. Creating a startup is not difficult, sustaining it is a challenge that we face in a real business environment. Engaging Crowd makes them a beneficial in terms of your ongoing marketers , in terms of ongoing innovations , in terms of discussing new ideas , new solutions and out of the box problem solving factors that are the generating of how better you actually engage your clients , Organizations & Innovators in various ways. Blogging, Seminars, Exhibitions & Meetings regarding a Sponsored Challenge makes the Sponsors proud for their marketing and engaging with their environment. An ECO SYSTEM of Innovators, Job Seekers & Industries who are seeking solutions to their problems & who are seeking employee for their respective jobs makes a project ideal. It brings public interest it makes impression and both of them generate income.

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

I am a social worker, Anywhere I will live & work I will give my expertise for the Social Good. I can mobilize People for Tourism, Explorations, New IDEAS, Innovations & have experience is Preventive measures for Cyber Crimes. I will do engage the Community in all these beneficial activities. I will Start my work from Crowd Sourcing and will lead my Way to any Exponent of future that can bring novelty as well as a big economy for my investors. MY Personal Skill 02 Analytical Writer 03 Chairman Swat Youth Society 04 Participated in Dozens of International Crowd Sourcing Challenges & Competition, Won the CONTENT CROWD SOURCING COMPETETION. 06 Proposed Innovative Technique to Eradicate Dengue by Using Bio-Technical System NO MORE MOSQUITOS 07 Close Liason in International Sustainable Societies working on Climate change 08 Writen up to 39 books (un published) on DARKNET , CYBER CRIMES , Social impact of Cyber Crimes , Threats in Cyber Crimes & future of Cyber Warfare 10 Can learn from others always working hard to achieve success 11 Competing in International Competition even with no resources in hand 12 Sincere , Loyal & trustworthy CONTACT DETAILS ZIAULLAH KHAN [email protected] 0092-3412499264 https://www.facebook.com/ziaullah.khan.31945 https://www.facebook.com/swatyouthsociety https://pakcybercouncil.wordpress.com/ http://pakcybercouncil.weebly.com/blog/defining-the-pakistan-cyber-space The proposed Company structure, A: Website Website design is to be appealing. Three sections 1. For Innovators who can join the Website by registration & after joining they can make teams, participate into the Challenge and can write in the forum section of a particular challenge.  Anyone can register online.  Register User can add Mobile number, link his social profile.  Can update his profile. Add banking information  Can participate in any challenge  Can design his own challenge  Can fund any challenge 2. For Companies , Private organizations, Public Sectors & Government institutes who Sponsor a particular challenge for example:-  Global Space Center Sponsor Challenge by announcing 10,000 USD to the Winning team (plus 10% will be service charges of the company).  Salsabeel Sweet Water Sponsor Creating water from thin Air. (5,000 USD with 10% Company service charges)  The Government of Global Sponsor Harvesting Crops in rational Environment.  Everyone from public can sponsor any challenge. They can create, fund & sponsor a particular challenge.