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    Date submitted
  • 03-Dec-2017



Concept is being designed to peruse the goal of maintaining a easy and accessible system in road transport (buses) so as to efficiently use the resources related to the quoted system like bus as transport, fossil fuels, manpower and technology as well.

The project includes:

• The efficient use of buses and human resources.

• Contributing to better environmental conditions.

• Reducing the usage of fossil fuels.

• Controlling the chaos and safety issues.

• End to end solutions can achieved for the road transportation


• It innovates and explores the opportunities of transparency in

fare and travelling issues.

Scope of the idea lies in the domain of users as passengers and whole road transport corporation, the other corporation which will be benefited through this system are private transport sector and the vendors who are providing bus services for long as well as short journeys.

Market shall be imposed on all users itself , as the project is being based on user comfort and the zonal condition of road transport systems , the business of the idea shall be driven through majorly public sector as a market.

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