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    Date submitted
  • 20-Apr-2018



VENYU is an app that intends to become a staple in the entertainment industry. The app completely redefines the way entertainers, managers, and promoters book their events. VENYU will allow venue owners to list their performance space for rent while artist and performers can utilize the app to reserve the venue of their choice. The current model for booking performance space doesn't actually exist. Hours can be spent searching for the proper venue across different channels. VENYU plans to centralize venue options while also adding features that will promote the show once booked. With proper funding VENYU will implement promotional features that ensure each event booked is a successful one. We will be a one stop shop for furthering any entertainer's career.

Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

Underground/Upcoming Artist, Local performers, Musicians, Music Managers, Promoters, Venue Owners. We intend to serve the entertainment industry by easing their process for booking live performance space.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

VENYU removes the tireless search for a venue or performance space. We connect venue owners with vetted performers to ease their concerns of potential "Bad Business". We give artist and their management teams back their much needed freedom and ease the process of reserving a performance space. With proper funding, VENYU implement promotional features such as Live Streaming, Artist Profiles, and promotional packages with tons of perks to jump start a career.

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

VENYU will be the first of its kind. The only app made with Venue owners, artist, and management teams in mind. The app will ease a daunting process that thousands of people nationwide experience daily. Eventually our promotional tools will set VENYU aside as the single best option for booking live performances. Not only will we ease the process of finding where to perform, we'll provide tools that maximize your audience and exposure.

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

VENYU was founded by two brothers looking to promote events. The founding team has a background in Sales, Event promotion, Marketing, and even performing themselves. The team behind VENYU has seen the ugly truth behind the stage curtain and we know how to clean it up. Our expertise in the field will only be one driving factor as we use our understanding of technology to bring a much needed make over to the face of venue rental and live performances.