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    Date submitted
  • 18-Feb-2018

The Zero Stitch


Zero Stitch - Closing lacerations without stitches or a physician's expertise

Zero Stitch is a revolutionary medical device that changes all the rules when it comes to caring for cuts and lacerations at home and on the go. It sets everyday people in the driver's seat of treatment instead of relying upon the availability of a doctor or waiting in long lines at the Emergency Room. This patent pending device significantly reduces the cost of such injuries in a fast and convenient way. Zero Stitch is simple to use and can be applied immediately after an injury occurs. Using medical grade adhesives and a strategic design, it allows the consumer to close their own laceration without the use of stitches or numbing medication, which promotes reduced scarring and faster wound healing.

Three problems with lacerations solved by Zero Stitch


In 2012, the New York Times published an article stating that the cost of a single stitch was around $500 dollars. According to a study from the Journal of Emergency Medicine in 2006, there are around 10 million visits to the ER annually for laceration related injuries. This large population of individuals have few options other than traveling to the ER, waiting to be seen, and being treated by a physician with the skills necessary to repair the laceration at the expense of the insurance company and patient.

Due to the expertise and time it takes to repair such an injury, the cost is significant as cited by the New York Times. This is where the Zero Stitch can reach the most consumers. Bypassing the physician and ER, the cost of repair is significantly reduced through Zero Stitch, saving the consumer significant time and money.


Zero Stitch does not require any stitches or numbing medication to apply. This avoidance of needles allows for less scarring and therefore less pain for the consumer. These features are extremely attractive to those who are wishing to avoid needles and further pain, in addition to those who desire decreased scarring. Due to the compression technology of Zero Stitch, an isolation zone is created, which prevents further tissue damage from the movement and activity of the consumer. This allows the wound to heal faster without continual re-injury through movement of the skin during normal daily activity. This protection is not provided by using traditional band-aides or costly stitches.


The rate of infection for a laceration is not only related to the break in the skin, and how much dirt and debris enters the wound, but is also directly proportional to the length of time it takes to get the wound cleaned and repaired. The 3-4 hours required to have a laceration repaired by a physician significantly increases the chance of an infection. Zero Stitch allows the consumer to immediately close the wound rather than waiting multiple hours to do so. This significantly decreases the chance of infection entering the wound.

Solving the Problems

The Zero Stitch is a revolutionary product that allows individuals to close their own lacerations from home without needles, stitches, or a physicians expertise. This product uses patent pending technology and design to bring the laceration edges together. Using medical grade adhesives and zip tie technology the wound is compressed together to align the wound edges to allow the healing the process to begin.

The Zero Stitch is simple to use and saves the users a significant amount of time as ER waiting times across the nation are rising. It also saves them money as physicians time and expertise can be quite expensive as referenced in the New York Times article above.

Market Description

Zero Stitch is the first device of its kind to be made specifically for public use. There are several other competitors that have produced devices similar in nature to Zero Stitch. However, they have each been marketed, developed, and used exclusively in the professional medical field. Zero Stitch is the first of its kind to be directly advertised to the consumer.

We expect to receive a competitive response due to the direct to consumer method we are pursuing. However, we have ensured that our intellectual property is secure through the filing of a detailed patent. While there will be other creative solutions that arise to solve this issue, we are confident that by establishing ourselves as the expert on laceration repair first and the continual building of our knowledge and expertise, we will remain competitive despite any competitive response.

The overall goal of Zero stitch is to provide autonomy to everyday Americans to elevate their personal healthcare experience. The many changes in healthcare (i.e. increasing costs) are driving the need for affordable personalized medical innovation. Zero Stitch offers quality medical care at a fraction of the going rate. It provides consumers with a realistic and affordable solution to a common injury.

With 10 million incidents of lacerations seen in ER's annually, there is a need for an alternative. While there are some lacerations and injuries that need to be seen and repaired by a trained physician, a large majority of these injuries can be repaired with the Zero Stitch.

During a ten-year study from 1992 to 2002, 90 million patients were seen in the ER for lacerations related injuries. Around 60% of these patients were males, 30% were children, with around 10% of patients being adult females. Of this population, approximately 60% were of Caucasian ethnicity.

According to a market forecast analysis performed by PRNewswire in January of 2017, the wound closure device market is expected to see an increase from 13 billion dollars in 2016 to 19 billion dollars by 2022. This forecast of growth shows the success that other hospital based products has had in the medical arena and will continue to have due to their low cost and convenience in use, and efficacy.


I have assisted in the revisions of the Zero Stitch over the course of the last year with the help of my family. We have gone through several working prototypes and have even tested them out on my brothers. They work exactly as we designed them to. We have begun to manufacture The Zero Stitch out of different materials so that we can move onto beta testing in preparation for actual production and sale of our medical product. I am excited for the opportunity to showcase our prototype as well as our products through this competition.

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