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    Date submitted
  • 17-Feb-2018

Clark Hall Voyagers


With the emergence of drug-resistant pathogens and the spread of diseases in a globalized world, infectious diseases cost $140B annually and looms as an existential threat to the US healthcare system. The best approach to combat infectious diseases is early diagnosis and intervention. However, the bedrock of today's diagnostic standard is a century-old technology requiring days for pathogen isolation and identification, followed by additional days for drug susceptibility. This is a burden of great discomfort for conditions such as urinary tract infection, and a matter of life and death for conditions such as sepsis. Our team proposes a disruptive solution to supplant this workflow with one in which comprehensive, gold standard results are obtained at a single-pathogen resolution, on the order of a few hours. Harnessing multiple technical advantages over today's technology, our technology will establish a new clinical standard for pathogen identification and drug susceptibility testing. Our team of experts in molecular diagnostics, digital microfluidics and data analysis are prepared to spearhead the effort to upgrade America's biothreat-readiness for the 21st century.

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