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    Date submitted
  • 09-Feb-2018



1v1 serves as a platform for potential student-athletes to seamlessly and painlessly access collegiate coaches, and vice-versa. Through a website and/or application download, prospective students build player profiles by uploading relevant academic, personal, and athletic information. An aspiring player will have direct access to a coaching staff’s contact information and can subsequently share video, stats, and game schedules for prospecting recruiters and scouts to view. The player profile can only be finalized and accessed by a coaching staff after participating in a sponsored showcase, which focuses on speed, strength, skills, and tactical knowledge. The assessments conducted align with the differing levels collegiate programs’ exercises to best determine a player’s overall ability to compete at the next stage. The 'Player Profile' organizes information, and subsequently correlates pertinent academic, financial, and athletic data with universities to find a best fit for that individual.

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