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  • 12-Apr-2018

Growing Golf Solutions / Golf Mang


I am wanting to launch a complete golf course management company. For this project I am wanting to focus on the inside and business sides of golf course operations. Everything from marketing, hiring training staff, working with customers, running golf course's daily duties, to working with restaurants and local businesses. For the most part golf course operations have not changed their business model in 20-30 years and it needs to change or it will die, which has been a big concern and a big part to blame for the great golf decline. So I am wanting to create a very interactive, value and experience based customer service. We will also look at all resources when it comes to providing food and beverages to our customers. Lastly, we also want each course to become a 10-12 month place of business in its own community so we will put a strong emphasis on working with businesses and the public at becoming their personal event coordinators throughout the year. This may consist of course hosting conferences and events on site for our customers, but it will also involve us setting up events for them off site from time to time. Say it's winter and a business wants to do a company bowling Christmas party - we will oraganize that. What if a small business want to host an open house but doesn't have time to organize it - we can do it. Ultimately we want each course to become the one stop shop for golf, leisure, and events on and off site.

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Golf Courses

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Growing Golf Solutions is going to work with the growing problem of golf courses facing slumping revenue and lack of experienced professional staff. We will focus on working with rural 9 or 18 hole golf courses.