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    Date submitted
  • 09-Feb-2018

Kredit Future


At KreditFuture, we are trying to change the way international students pay for their graduate education by implementing an Income-share Agreement (ISA) model. With the primary goal to offer credits to fund tuition amount without the pain of co-signors, collaterals and higher interest rates, KreditFuture aims to run a pilot program offering students loans in return of a fixed percentage of their future income/salary for an agreed upon period. Spending the last 12-15 months to understand the preferences of students, KF explored the various additional problems students face while studying abroad, and is developing an algorithm to value not their current financial situation but the future promise associated with their ambitiousness. We also provide a close network of mentors to our students and are not only vested in their success, in fact our model is also tied to it!

Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

International students looking to fund their graduate programs in the US with a potentially high future income post-graduation

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

We take the pressure off students to repay educational loans by obtaining a high-paying job and instead provide the freedom to pursue a career based on their interest. Also, we help universities to increase competitiveness by enabling well-deserved international students to pursue education without financing being a roadblock.