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    Date submitted
  • 08-May-2016

Power to Go


Our company is developing a state-of-art cogeneration system providing required energies for buildings, particularly the residential sector, in the vicinity of consumers as opposed to conventional centralised power plants. The system is designed based on the climate of the area where buildings are located and requirements and applications of the structure to minimise the fuel consumption. In addition, data-mining algorithms will be employed to analyse the consumption of units/buildings on daily, weekly and monthly bases in order to estimate the occupants’ consumption routine and optimise the operation of the cogeneration system.

Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

In 2012, the residential and commercial sectors allocated 39.68% of the total energy consumption to themselves. In addition, it is predicted that the energy consumption of these sectors would be 39.20% and 41.07% for the years 2025 and 2040, respectively [1]. Therefore, these sectors will be good targets to improve energy consumption characteristics. Hence, residential units are our first target to investigate. Electricity and thermal demands in this sector are highly correlated, so the energy management algorithm can perform energy dispatching properly. Another hot market would be the commercial buildings which usually have greater demand. The energy dispatch algorithm can control individual units in a commercial complex as well as managing all of them as a single entity, which will lead to optimal energy dispatch and decrease the energy cost.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

- Energy is a significant cost of running an average household. Our innovative micro-cogeneration unit will improve the energy generation efficiency significantly and reduce the cost of heating/cooling and electrification. - Utilising an external combustion engine as the prime mover allows users to use various fuels such as vegetable oils or solar panels that significantly reduces pollutant emissions. - Conventional centralised power plants are vulnerable to natural hazards and other external threats. However, using the distributed resource of energy, like micro-cogenerations, eliminates this vulnerability. - Employing data mining algorithms enhances the operation of the system and ensures a minimum amount of fuel is used and also right amount of electricity and heat are stored in batteries and heat storage.

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

- Low cost and eliminating monthly electrical bills. - Environmental friendly and reducing pollutant emissions. - Customised design based on the climate zones and application of the building.