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  • 20-Oct-2016

The GoldenKey Foundation


Every door, every gate, every treasure chest, you'll find is opened by a golden key, and just like that key the GoldenKey Foundation is unlocking and opening up the minds of our youth. Thus opening the doors to a plethora of opportunity and growth. We are opening gates that welcome travelers of many paths, providing our scholars with a positive and enriching academic experience by developing strong mentor to mentee relationships. No matter what our mentees wish to accomplish in their near future, we believe it is all achievable. Not only do we need to set goals, but most of us just need to extra nudge to motivate them to succeed and the GoldenKey Foundation provides such an uplifting environment by implementing our 3 pillars:

Big Brothers, Big Sisters- A program dedicated to unearthing the struggles of each scholar and assign a mentor not to far in age (collegiate student leaders), making a more comfortable environment for the scholar.

Marching to Excellence- This is a pledge we have made, devoting time and exhausting resources to build bridges to institutions of higher education, providing our scholars with the opportunity to get a glimpse of a college experience. We have a goal to tour at least 10 colleges/ universities per academic year.

Open Doors Leadership Conference- Our final pillar is a way to top off the year with an engaging Leadership conference, where we bring High School juniors and seniors to engage a half day of leadership development seminars from speakers of various careers, educators from multiple universities and performing arts with engaging activities.


Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

We are reaching out to any Private companies, banks, for-profit or non-profit organizations that are willing to invest in education for our youth by investing in the GoldenKey foundation, trusting our abilities to serve the community. Firms who have faith in our mission, and when provided a plan for our scholars, they can assist in making it happen.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

In Philadelphia, Camden, Chester, Baltimore and many more urban cities across the United states, the school system is failing, specifically the public school system. We have allowed too many of our students to fall through the cracks, just because they show little to no motivation and show little progress academically. This is because they are placed in an environment where the teachers do more talking and less actually teaching these students. They are placed in an environment where educators do not care whether they try or not, they do not care whether they pass or fail, and they certainly don't care about where these scholars choose to continue their education. The GoldenKey Foundation solves the stigma of our "forgotten scholars", providing a structured environment easier for the students to learn in. Often times, students who struggle in school need mentors closer to their age who understand the problems they are dealing with as teens, instead of feeling talked down on by an adult who may not understand their plight. The market needs an organization like the Goldenkey Foundation that excels in outreach to High schools that need help motivating their students to go on to higher education; that can provide genuine mentors that come from similar backgrounds as the students.

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

The implementation of our academic programs, Big brothers, Big sisters; Marching to Excellence;and our Open Doors Leadership conference, will bring our GoldenKey Scholars together to experience success and excellence from students that were in their shoes not long ago. Also our mentors, student leaders from various college campuses who have a drive to assist these students by getting them enrolled in institutions of higher education, add to a comfortable environment allowing for our students to open up to us. Lastly, our initiative to implement creative/ performing arts to our program getting our scholars involved with spoken word, poetry, singing and book writing, as well as a toastmaster program that will help familiarize our scholars with a broader vocabulary and with speaking publicly.

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

My team plans to execute our mission simply by utilizing our networks. We each bring connections to multiple schools in need of solid mentoring programs to partner with. We are all also connected to a few universities that are waiting to work with us regarding college tours and helping them reach their enrollment goals. Cheyney University has been working with us recently, they are sponsoring our spring conference and providing space for our mentoring program for our Philadelphia students. Currently we are looking for even more sponsors who are willing to assist in funding transportation for college tours. One advantage we have over others that would be entering the market is we are ahead of the game, we already have established a few partnerships with colleges and universities that are struggling and need to increase enrollment.