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  • 03-Nov-2017

Patented Solar Roof System, where t


We sell a patented solar roof system, where the solar is the roof. The systems is made up of square modular tiles that are engineered to last for over 50 years with upgradable solar technology. We have four key competitive advantages: 1) It can be walked on, 2) Upgradable, 3) Repairable and 4) Hail proof



Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

Home and business users continue to seek the most cost effective source of energy for their buildings, in a convenient and aesthetically pleasing solution. A number of products are now available that cater to the consumer’s desire to be energy conscious, exploit alternative building materials, and deploy solutions to reduce residential and business energy costs while maintaining or increasing the aesthetic value of their property.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

The Finis Roof is the ONLY integrated shingle/solar roof that is truly modular and thus allows easy install, repair and upgradeability. It can cover the entire roof surface and be safely walked on. It’s priced comparably to a conventional long-life roof with a standard rack-mounted solar system, but with the aesthetics and simplicity of an integrated system. No other product or combination of products in the marketplace offers this.

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

• Modularity: The Finis Solar Shingle’s modularity makes it a disruptive technology with many of its key attributes patent-protected. The tile’s components (solar cell, inverter, the tile itself) are quickly and easily interchangeable / upgradeable with affecting any other tiles. This differentiates Finis from all other solar shingles, provides the consumer with a practical benefit, and adds to the “advanced engineering” image. It is the only solar shingle system that is easy to install, repair/replace, and upgrade. A significant consumer benefit is the one microinverter per tile configuration maximizes power generation in each cell. Finis tiles snap together, install very quickly, and require little training to install. Electrical tie-ins are designed to be simple as well. • Photo Voltaic Cells with higher efficiencies are being continuously developed and will be commercially available at reduced cost per watt. Finis is the only system that allows for upgrades without replacing the roof itself. • The one-microinverter per tile configuration maximizes the AC power generated. Other systems convert power from multiple cells tied in series from DC to AC, limiting output of each cell to the lowest producing one in the series. This is a key benefit of Finis as other systems will either be less efficient or require a great deal of design to place groups of panels in the best locations which may result in a patchwork of panels on the roof. Handling high DC current levels requires specialized electrical installation practices; Finis’s system does not transmit DC across tiles. • An individual tile can be replaced by just removing the tile’s screws and loosening screws securing adjacent tiles; all other solar shingle systems require removing large sections of material on the roof for effective repair. • Conventional “bolt on” solar systems are less attractive, require removal and reinstallation when replacing the underlying roof, and are subject to reduced energy generation due to “shadowing” affecting all the cells tied to a single inverter in the array. The Finis technology is a highly efficient, aesthetically pleasing component of building architecture. • The Finis roof can be walked on without damaging the roof, and, unlike other systems, has a slip-resistant surface. This is especially beneficial in cold or wet conditions. • The Finis roof is being designed for lower cost, higher energy production, and be more cold-weather compatible, than other premium solar shingle systems, such as the (newly announced) Tesla roof system.

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

A key strategic focus once a demonstration roof has been completed and product capabilities have been demonstrated is to develop partnerships with one or more existing players in the existing solar shingle, solar and/or long life roofing markets. Leveraging the management, sales and distribution functions of an existing, respected product and/or service provider is seen as the most viable path to rapid commercialization. The nature of the potential partnerships will impact the ultimate market introduction and growth strategy.