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    Date submitted
  • 08-Feb-2016

New Generation LED bulbs


We present new generation LED bulbs. Our specially designed feeding scheme allows getting maximum lighting (lumen) for LED bulbs.

According to the result of our research it became clear that in Armenia market LED bulbs are only being imported, have a high price, and the product of "Phillips" company offers bulbs with low power with a price 40.000 AMD and even more. The spiral and fluid bulbs in Armenia market are both dangerous for health and spending energy. And what about the imported LED bulbs, they don't provide characteristics that are marked. For example the bulbs with low lighting that are imported from China. They often don't work after one month using, but they had to work for 25.000 hours. The problem is that in the feeding blocks of the bulbs the ratio of the voltage and power is unequal. For example the chip's power of 5730 type of bulbs is 0,5W: They work with 3.4-3.6V, and the power of electricity has to be 138-147mA: The chip will work long and effective if it's given 3.5V voltage and 142mA electricity. But in imported bulbs they are given maximum voltage and electricity power, and because of that they don't work long.

Thereby our designed feeding scheme, it is given corresponding voltage and electricity for chip's effective work, which will give us life longer bulbs. They will work longer than 25,000 hours. Our produced bulbs will also have a possibility to control both the color and the level of lighting. We can say that this type of bulbs will be novelty with their level of the price, possibilities, power and with the level of high lighting. There also will be an application for iOS and Android operation systems, and with them you can control the level of lighting and the color of the light. LED bulbs have many advantages, for example, they are ecologically clean, they don’t have UV radiation, and the damages from electromagnetic variations are minimal. They have high light spectrum and are manageable. Compared to conventional bulbs LED bulbs are 8 times saving, and 2 times compared to convoluted bulbs. LED bulbs can be used in any type of building or space.

As a business strategy we mention these points:

• To reach the usage of energy saving bulbs in different spheres

• Transition to bulbs that are safe both for people and nature

• Wholesale production

• In the interest of country’s economic development, also can be organized export to other countries

• New well payed jobs

• Stimulates the production of energy-saving bulbs

In addition, the team has clear financial predictions connected with the investments and incomes.


Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

Our target market is in Armenia. It studied all the rivals together. After 18 months of receipt of the successful work it is possible to manufacture in Asia, Europe and North America. Our products are scheduled to be completed in structures such as universities, schools, health centers, pharmacies, government, various commercial centers, airports, restaurants and food outlets, hotels, urban lighting, office space, gym, other public places, individual consumers. Listed buildings are divided into two parts: already existing (reconstructed) and new constructions. The most effective way of boosting sales of newly built facilities, as they are much easier to install our product (s competitors are already installed lamps). Newly constructed / renovated buildings with product sales will be more expensive for the customer, but also applicable to this form.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

Bulbs at Armenian market are not long - lasting and safe for health Spiral and Gas bulbs: Are not long-lasting, bad quality – 750 hours, good quality 12K hours Have 14,4 – 72 KWh energy waste per month (720 hours) Contain up to 7 microgram mercury, while max allowed 0.31 microgram Are flammable because working temperature reaches 330 degree Have an ultraviolet radiation (350-370nm, from which secure is 280- 315 nm), which causes cancer cells LED bulbs: Are low - luminosity (1,200 lumen in 20W power)

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

We offer safe, long-lasting and cheaper bulbsOur product: Is long-lasting (25K-35K working hour) In one month (720 hour) 10.8 KWh energy waste No dangerous radiation Does not have and does not contain harmful properties and substances Provides high- luminosity (1,200 lumen in 12 W power) Not flammable because warming maximum from +80 to +100 degree Never explode, do not break, do not blink during operation, there are no inconveniences What will customers get Suitable control via panel or via smartphone The amount of savings up to 60% Operational safety and comfort A higher level of luminosity High efficiency Durability

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

CEO has a degree in psychology, manages to find new collaborators, and has a constructive idea, working closely with the team's problems. CTO has highly professional skills, made research in the USA. Head of Production and Production line has MS degree, and he is working in Yerevan Physics Institute. IT Director able to manage his time effectively, plan and finish his entire work plan. Constantly trying to do everything as quickly as possible and perfect. CFO is good at finance entirely. Marketer has a creative substance.