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    Date submitted
  • 16-Jan-2018



Switch is a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) ride share ecosystem where users, through Switch’s mobile application, can easily call a NEV driver to take them where they want to go or rent one of our vehicles and drive it for as long as they you need. Our vehicles offer riders a unique ride experience that is more affordable than typical ride share options, more convenient than a bus or a taxi, and more comfortable than a moped or pedicab. At the same time, we offer community drivers a source of additional income without the ownership or maintenance costs of using their own vehicle. To business and institutions, we are a key avenue for brand exposure to a diverse set of riders. To cities and governments, we bring the three pillars of the next transportation revolution, electrification, sharing, and ultimately automation, to address the traffic and pollution issues facing cities worldwide. We believe in a sustainable mobility future.

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