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  • 13-Dec-2016



Icyuzuzo Countryside Workforce is an organization that will take focus on the young labors especially those who didn’t have been enabled to end up the secondary school and those who didn’t even had chances of studying the basic studies. Most of them oriented their life in the techniques trainings where they have got a lot of knowledge that are very interesting model in the good progress of Rwanda and other African countries key of development and growth. Our organization will practically help the targeted population in the way of how they can generate money from their skills and knowledge through the youth global network that will aims to let them meet the owners of running business and capital owners and meet legal works basic right in the jobs.

We have as main goal, to create a global network where the targeted youth will be assembled, trained and empowered on how the can be valued as they are and be more productive in their career. So as our philosophy, we take importance in optimizing the both employer and employee right in the world of business and employment in our country. Our organization will make a good environmental mood between the workers and the employees because our trained workers will be more moral and fiscally efficient in their jobs. We are strongly having pleasure of contributing in the community enhancement especially looking and focusing on the legally and structurally lost sector of population our strength in this project refers to the different skills we have got from different training and studies we did. All those will make our job efficient.


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Who is your customer?

Our targeted population is equal to 36% of the total country youth that is equal to 56% of total country population, The total country population is equal to 13000000 people so, 56% of 13000000 people is equal to 7280000.so the total targeted beneficiary is equal to 36% of 7280000 people which is equal to 2620800 people.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

Problem Companies, NGOs are actually looking for the people under 24 years old, regardless to the other skilled people who are actually suffering from poverty and jobless in the community. After the research we did , we found that most 79% of the worker force in Rwanda are in the informal sector (Joiner, carpenter, builder, tailor, cooker, domestics, keeper of the home server,…) which is under recognized with Rwanda work regulation code from this they every time meet different kind of violence in their daily job . We can say sexually based violence, dismiss in their daily job and work without reword. Many employers use them and steals their salaries despite their work does not follow the Rwandan labor code. Through less knowledge about they have about climate change they are actually bases of the causes of climate changes

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

ICC-WO Foundation provides an easy way of to integrate and create global networks of talented, energetic labor force with full discipline and help them to meet their right in their daily job and be linked with their potential employers. ICC-WO Foundation provides the trainings to all its followers that will help them to have a beautiful behaviors behind their employer , it provides also the rules and regulations that must be applied with their employer through different legal tools such as contract and legal advocacy for followers . Most our competitor are charging much money to the both employers and employees for linkage only, as they have a main purpose of money making but they don’t do the advocacy of their follower. ICC-WO foundation provides legal and social advocacy to its followers.

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

SPEACIAL SKILLS OF TEAM MEMBER IS THE KEY OF SUCCESSFUL: FOUNDER AND HIS SENIOR ADVISOR Dr Alex Hakuzimana who is a leading expert in health policy and financing and a freelance consultant. Over the last 13 years, he has been working in all areas of health systems strengthening including 10 years' experience on performance-based financing (PBF) in low and middle income countries. Apart from contributing to the success of PBF in Rwanda, He has been a consultant on PBF Projects in Lesotho, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone. He has also been consulted to provide expert insights on various global health system issues and solutions by private organizations such as Gerson Lehrman Group (glg.it), BlueCloud Healthcare Ltd (bluecloudhealth.com) and OnFrontiers (onfrontiers.com). He has a particular interest in organizational and institutional economics, health care marketing, health technology assessment, political economy, market research and private equity/venture capital (PEVC). He is a physician trained in business administration (MBA) and holds an advanced degree in Public Health (MPH) with specialization in Health Policy.