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    Date submitted
  • 24-Feb-2017

Poop and Cook


Poop and Cook

Our business name is called Poop and Cook. Moses Kayuni and Msafiri Mlongeca are the members of this group. This idea of Poop and Cook was conceived at the beginning of the semester. This was when we both shared our past experiences using biogas as a means of energy for cooking in the different boarding schools that we went to. We then thought that this idea of using waste for energy could save a lot of money and help improve the environment in Africa if this idea was implemented in villages, which make up almost 70% of the population in Malawi and Tanzania where we are from. The people within these villages can’t afford the luxury of spending money on electricity. Charcoal, which is the substitute means of electricity, is also very expensive and results in cutting down of a lot of trees.

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